Happy Marketing owns the worldwide right for Symbolics and can be your vehicle to any realisation of product. All this within the parameters how it was once created in Japan as:  e (絵, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”)
Isn’t it amazing how these two words combined (e moji) sound like our word emotion. What a fantastic coincidence and how to the point this is.

Emojis, emoticons and smileys are symbols we use every day. We express our feelings by simply adding an image to our text message or WhatsApp message. Sometimes we only just use such an image to answer our messages because “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Now the time has come that you can express your state of mind by wearing accessories of Symbolics.

Symbolics is a brand new registered trademark created by Thijs Ottenhoff, managing director of Happy Marketing. The company is known for its history as one of Europe’s top enterprises specialized in character merchandise in the field of personal care and gift items.

Symbolics Toiletbag and brushesA wide array of product designs has already been created. This immediately gives you or your client a proper idea of the possibilities with this brand.

Do you want to know more about Symbolics and what Happy Marketing can do for you? Please contact us through our contact page of give us a call.

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